Things to do and see

Sealladh Resipol is surrounded by many different habitat types, from marshland, forests to mountains and moorland. Within a mile of the house one can see a vast array of bird species. At the Mishnish lochs, one mile South West of Sealladh Carrachan, there are Little Grebe, Mergansers and a selection of other water fowl.

Around the lochs, sightings of Golden Eagle, White tailed Sea Eagle, Hen Harrier and Short Eared Owls are not unusual. You may even be able to spot an elusive Merlin or Peregrine Falcon! Last year, Golden Eagles were nesting less than two miles away, and our now famous White Tailed Eagles nested on Loch Frisa, a short drive away. In the last two years we have a successful breading pair of White Tailed Eagles, Hope and Star. The hide at West Ardhu, just the other side of Devaig is a short drive of 7.5 miles, taking approximately 30 minutes from the house.

In the woods and forest a little closer to home, there are resident Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Treecreepers, as well as Sparrowhawks and Tawny Owls.

In the rough grassland and scrub, Meadow Pipits, Whitethroat, Stonechats and the melodious Skylark are easily picked out.

On the marshland below the main road, an evening watch and listen, can reward you with the haunting sound of drumming Snipe, made by its vibrating tail feathers whilst in display flight. The loud and continual call of the Grasshopper Warbler can also sometimes be heard. Sedge Warblers witter away, and the beautiful call of the Curlew can also be heard. If you are lucky, a Hen Harrier may be seen hunting, or even the ghostly Barn Owl.

The usual array of garden species can be seen around the house, including a few slightly more unusual ones, like the Spotted Flycatcher, flitting back and forth from a perch to catch insects. Goldcrests and Siskins, as well as Whitethroat and Woodcock are common too.

Buzzards are also common, as are Ravens and gull species, regularly seen overhead as well as the occasional Great Skua – an unexpected sight indeed!

The Winter months bring Redwing and Fieldfare, as well as the occasional exotic-looking Waxwing. In Winter, geese swans and other wildfowl visit the Mishnish Lochs.

The White-tailed Eagles on the Isle of Mull have a status that stretches far beyond their local coastal domain, attracting the interest and fascination of thousands of spectators throughout the world, enthralled by the role that these iconic birds play in the everyday life of the island.

For detailed information on the White-tailed Sea Eagles on the Isle of Mull click hereto go to the excellent new website.

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